Call Me A Thief
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tags → #music #spotify 

I still haven’t opened my copy of Alt Press, but from what I’ve seen on my dash
I’m now thinking of symbollically setting it on fire and throwing it at Brendon on Sunday :///////////

i miss your bones.: georgeryanrosslll: dear brendon urie, here is a list of bands that...


dear brendon urie,

here is a list of bands that have multiple songs that aren’t sung by the ‘frontman’ in their discography, have more than 2 ‘lead’ singers, or all members are on equal level and yet still all have a purpose wow who would have thunk it wow

  • the clash


hahaha omg “they know, i know, that they don’t sound like me”

Brendon are you done throwing a hissy fit over alternating singing lines in a couple songs or do you need another 5 years to get over it

just wondering

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"i am so gonna bring this shit up in 6 years time when he’s left the band and completely moved on with his life and i should be content and probably over the split because i’m a grown married man. haha yeah!! that’ll show him" - real quote from unnamed emo band frontman


i bet ryan and jon have sooooo much crap they could say about brendon but they’re not whiney little shitbabies so they just get on with their lives

Tumblr app is being a douchenozzle.